Printable Summer Challenge

Printable summer challange

The kids are out of school and within a week start saying “I’m bored, what can I do now.” That’s the time to point to this printable Summer Challenge flyer that you post on the fridge. Pretty soon they will be trying to fill up all the blanks to complete their challenge. Make sure to print a new one for each child.


The best learning happens when it’s personalized. Dive into things you’re interested in. As Dr. Wilder says, “The truth is that we all as learners are unique. Our interests are unique. What captures us is unique.” Find out what sparks your interest so you can use that to motivate your studying. Source: Brainscape – Dumber in the summer: How to avoid summer brain drain


  • White Paper
  • Pen, Pencil or marker

Print out a Challenge for each child and let them decide where to begin. If you want to add a little incentive for each completed category that is up to you. Maybe a trip to the ice cream parlor would be appropriate.

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