Dino-Mite Hand Print Card for Father’s Day

Hand Print Dinosaur Card for Father's Day

Free printable Dinosaur handprint card for kids to make for Father’s Day. Lots of fun without the frustration. Inexpensive materials you probably have at home. You can also use it for other occasions by simply changing the message.


In 1824, English geologist William Buckland announced the discovery, based on fossil remains, of a new animal. This animal was the Megalosaurus. A few years later, in 1841, paleontologist Richard Owen saw that Megalosaurus, and other large reptiles that had recently been discovered were all related. He gave the group a name: ‘Dinosauria’, meaning ‘terrible lizards’. Source: Active Wild – When were Dinosaurs Discovered 

  • Cardboard or Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Pencil
  1. Fold cardboard or cardstock in half. Lay your hand on the folded card with the bottom of your palm on the on the fold. Trace around it and cut out.
  2. Click and print the printable below. Cut out. Glue to hand print as shown.
  3. Cut out the circles for the eyes and spots for the dinosaur’s back. Glue in place. Write your Father’s Day message inside.
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Printable Father's Day Card Craft

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