Monster Printables Craft

Colorful Monsters for kids to cut and paste.

These Monster Printables are a fun cut and paste project for kids to practice their cutting skills. Boys and Girls alike will have fun with these Monster Printables. We’ve given you both a black and white and color option. This is a good craft for the classroom or as a family activity. Let the kids use their imagination creating their monsters. There is no wrong way when it comes to creativity.


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White Paper
Glue Sticks or Glue Dots
Crayons, Colored Pencils or Markers (optional)

  1. Print out the black and white or color options. If using the black and white option, have the kids color it first and then cut out.
  2. Let them choose the features they want to glue on their individual monsters.



Click on a pattern to open it in a new window to print


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