Indigenous Peoples Ball and Triangle Game

DIY Indigenous peoples game for kids to make

American Indigenous children created their own means of entertainment like this Indigenous Peoples Ball and Triangle Game.  The fun is both in making the toy and enjoying playing with it afterward. It encourages children to concentrate and helps with hand/eye coordination while having fun.


The country is home to 565 federally recognized tribes and 334 reservations. The largest eight tribes range in size from 819,105 to 105,304, with the Cherokee, Navajo, Choctaw, Mexican-American Indians, Chippewa, Sioux, Apache, and Blackfeet topping the list. Source: ThoughtCo – Interesting Facts and Information About the U.S. Indigenous Population

  • Printed Double Triangle
  • Jute
  • Wooden Bead
  • Native American Symbols
  • Scissors and Hole Punch
  • Markers
  • Glue
  1. Cut out double triangle, folding in half on common edge. Cut out the center circles. Glue together so the triangle is double thickness.
  2. Using symbols as a guide decorate both sides of the triangle using markers
  3. Punch hole in one corner.
  4. Cut a 12″ piece of jute.
  5. Tie one end to the triangle through hole punch and the other end through the wooden bead.
  6. Play game by holding one point of the triangle and swinging bead up so it lands down into the center hole.
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Triangle game for kids to make




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  1. Dana Stephen Wilson says:

    I like them I am working on a Arrow Head neckless it is brown and I am trying to come up with
    The best color for them plus my rattle snake rattler please give me some ideas.

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