Paper Bag Cowgirl Vest Craft

Cowgirl vest made out of paper bag.

Westward Ho goes the FreeKidsCrafts team with this Paper Bag Cowgirl Vest. This is a simple and easy craft for kids to make for VBS, birthday parties or just fun every day play.


In 1900, when she was just 14, Oklahoma farm girl Lucille Mulhall, was so adept at lassoing and roping that she was invited to compete at a Rough Riders reunion rodeo in the state capital. Teddy Roosevelt himself was in the stands and was dazzled when she nabbed first place (to the chagrin of her competitors, all male and all much older). Roosevelt told Mulhall’s dad that she needed to be touring, because the nation needed to see her. Source: – The First Cowgirl

  • Large Grocery Bag
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  1. Cut out sides of paper bag and make a large hole for the head.
  2. Using the picture as a guide cut the bottom of the vest in the front in points to look like a vest.
  3. Using markers draw on buttons and pocket.
  4. Add a bandanna to make your outfit complete and enjoy the fun.



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