DIY Emoji Pencil Case

Image of DIY Emoji Pencil Case

Get the kids in the mood to go back to school with their own personal DIY Emoji Pencil Case. There are so many varieties of duct tape out there these days that boys and girls will have fun picking out something that suits their style.


Duct Tape (any design you like)


White Paper

Clear Packing Tape

Gallon Zip Lock Bag


Cut  the bottom off of a gallon zip lock bag leaving about 5 inches for your pencil case.

Cover one side with strips of your favorite duct tape trimming the end close to the edge of the bag. Turn over and cover the other side with duct tape folding the  tape to the other side making sure the bottom is sealed.

Print out your emojis and place on your pencil case.  Cover with clear packing tape to hold in place.

Now you have the coolest pencil case in school and have a great time learning all there is to know.


Image of DIY Emoji Pencil Case


Image of DIY Emoji Pencil Case

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