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Kids will have fun as they explore the library with our latest addition to the scavenger hunt printables. This Library Scavenger Hunt activity makes children aware of the many different types of books there are for their reading pleasure. This activity is appropriate for a group or a single child, the fun is in the individual search.

As a young mother of three I found that my love of books didn’t transfer to all of my children equally. Making a visit to the library an adventure into the many different lands of literature through a scavenger hunt adds an extra layer of involvement for the young and often restless mind.

Trivia: Many of the early stories that we consider children’s literature today were written for adults with a moral as the main theme These were later translated into tales to encourage young children to behave or consider the consequences. Source: Wikipedia –  Children’s Literature

  • Paper
  • Pen or Pencil
  1. Print out enough printables for each child to have their own.
  2. Stand back and let the children explore the library on their own
  3. Encourage them to search out their selections individually

You might increase the anticipation of the Library Scavenger Hunt by having a craft session to make their own bookmark. There are fun options in our bookmark category like the Bookworm Bookmark or the Frog Bookmark.

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