Pony Bead Ballerina Pattern

Make a Pony Bead Ballerina to hang on your dance bag or school bag. You can change the color of her tutu to your favorite color.


A ballerina’s Tutu is essential for the performance. All these tutus are handmade and if high-quality is maintained, a single one can cost around $2000. An average ballet dancer wears 50 to 150 tutus in her lifetime. Source: Easy Science for Kinds- Fun Facts about Ballet Dancing.

  • 32 Ivory, Tan or Brown Pony Beads for Skin
  • 4 Pony Beads for Hair (Color is Your Choice)
  • 16 Pony Beads for Tutu and Ballet Shoes (Color is Your Choice)
  • 4′ Satin Cord
  • 1 Lanyard Hook
  1. Fold your ribbon in half to find the center. Use a half hitch (see detail below) to secure it to lanyard hook.
  2. Lace beads using pattern below as a guide.
  3.  Finish by tying off with a double knot. Add a drop of glue and let dry and trim.

Editor’s Note: Put a drop of white glue on the end of your yarn or satin ribbon, roll into a point and let dry. It makes threading your beads much easier.

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