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Tissue Paper Indian Corn

This tissue paper Indian Corn by the FreeKidsCrafts Team is perfect for your Thanksgiving bulletin board. It’s an easy craft for little hands.


Heavyweight white paper

Tacky glue

Tissue paper, black, white, yellow,green and orange



Click on Printables and print out the Indian Corn pattern. Cut out.

Cut tissue paper into 2" squares and crumple into tight balls. Dip into tacky glue and arrange in rows for the corn. If you want to be more accurate the leaves should be a tan color for the dried husks, but we're all allowed to take creative license.

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Image of Tissue Paper Indian Corn


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Teri Smyth

Teri Smyth is a British Illustrator, Mother of one and crafts dabbler. Not necessarily in that order. You can visit her blog  at http://terismyth.blogspot.co.uk/

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