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Kwanzaa Hat

Celebrate the season of Kwanzaa with this special hand made hat.


Craft Foam: 1 Sheet each of Red, Black and Green
Tacky Glue and Clothespins or Glue Dots
Foamie Buttons


Measure around child's head. Use green craft foam to make a 2-1/2"" band that is 2" bigger than child's head measurement. Glue into circle. Using clothes pins to hold until dry.

Cut two red and four black foam strips measuring 1½" x 12". Glue one red strip to the inside of the band attaching both ends, each on an opposite side. Glue another red strip perpendicular to the first. Glue one black strip between to reds crossing over the red strip already glued and one below the red strips and between the other two.

Glue the remaining black strips centered on top of the green band. Glue on foamie buttons to decorate.

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Image of Kwanzaa Hat


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