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Giant Tissue Paper Flowers

This is a great craft for Cinco de Mayo or Mother’s Day or if you live in the UK Mothering Day. These flowers are huge! Make them as decorations or to give as gifts…or just to make you happy!


8 Sheets 20" x 26" Tissue Paper
Green Pipe Cleaners
Wooden Skewer


Stack eight sheets of tissue paper neatly on top of each other. Accordion fold back and forth in 1" folds along the short side so you have a 1" x 20" bunch when finished. Cut the corners so you have rounded edges. Fold tissue bunch in half and twist the pipe cleaner tightly around the middle. Fan out the folds of tissue. Gently separate the sheets starting at the top and pull each sheet away from the group. Be gentle or it will rip. Shape the flower as you work layer by layer.

Wrap the pipe cleaner ends around the end of a skewer. Continue with additional pipe cleaners until the entire skewer is wrapped with green pipe cleaners.

This craft reprinted courtesy of Terri of Making Friends.com.

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Image of Giant Tissue Paper Flowers


Image of Terri Bose of MakingFriends.com
Terri Bose of MakingFriends.com

Terri is the creator of makingfriends.com, freekidscrafts.com, scoutswaps.com and badginabag.com. Her work is republished all over the internet and is considered the queen of kids crafts.

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