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Duct Tape Treasure Box

Whether you are away at camp or on a family vacation, you always collect momentos to enjoy when you return home. So whether you use this special box for photos, seashells, rocks or a treasure of your own special making, this treasure keeper will be perfect.



Duct tape, pattern and plain

Construction Paper

Heavy Black Marker


Cover the base of the box with one type of duct tape. Go slowly so you don't create too many wrinkles.

Cut a rectangle of construction paper and either print out your Summer Memories or write them with a heavy black marker.

Carefully tape along the edges with contrasting duct tape. Continue to cover the whole lid. You might want to position the construction paper with regular tape before applying the duct tape.

Cover the bottom of the box with a contrasting duct tape.

Now take it with you on your special summer adventure and gather some wonderful memories.

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