Recycled Tee Shirt Dog Toy Craft

Woven Dog Toy Made From Recycled Tee Shirts

Woven Dog Toy Made from Recycled Tee ShirtsKids! Recycle your old tee shirts into this sturdy woven dog toy. You’ll keep them out of the landfill and make your dog happy too. This is a great project to teach kids this weaving process and also make toys to donate to your local animal shelter who are always in need of items to keep their guests happy and comfortable.

Trivia:  It is believed that weaving was invented much later than spinning, around 6000 BC, in West Asia. At first people just wove narrow bands with their fingers, tying one end to their belt. That was something like the finger-knitting you might know how to do. via:Source: – History of Weaving – Early Hand Weaving

  • One tee shirt makes one toy. We used two tee shirts to create the two toned toy
  1. Cut 4 strips out of the tee as shown in diagram. Each strip will be a loop. cut the loop open so you have 4 long strips.
  2. Line up 4 pieces together and tie them in a tight overhand knot at one end. (fig. A).
  3. Loop strip 1 to opposite side leaving a small loop; (fig. B). Loop strip to opposite side leaving a small loop. Hold strips in place with one hand.
  4. With your other hand, weave strip 2 over strip 3 and under strip 1. Weave strip 4 over strip 1 and under strip 3; (fig. C) Pull tightly. Continue until you have about 8″ braid. Tie off securely with an overhand knot.
  5. To make a spiral knot, loop strips diagonally instead of across.


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