World’s Best Dad Ribbon Craft

Father's Day World's Best award

Adding a personal touch like a handmade card or  custom ribbon can make the gift even more special. It’s wonderful to show appreciation and love for Dad or Grthandpa in a creative way. I’m sure they will appreciate the effort you put into making their day extra special.

Many countries celebrate this holiday at other times of the year. In Australia, for example, Father’s Day is held on the first Sunday of September; in Norway, Sweden, and Finland, on the second Sunday in November; and in some Catholic countries, on March 19 (St. Joseph’s Day) Source: – Father’s Day 2024: What to Do on Father’s Day
  • Heavy White Paper (preferably card stock)
  • Black Fine Point Marker
  1. Print and cut out a background card for each child.
  2. Print out and cut the appropriate ribbon
  3. Glue ribbon to card or package or pin on Dad’s shirt
  4. Sign the card with a special message for Dad

Note: You may want to make a ribbon for and Uncle or someone special in your life.

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