Spin Art

Art made on a salad spinner

Here’s a fun project for all ages  – SPIN ART! – Create your own! Perfect summer activity to keep boredom at bay. Each finished project is unique. Spin Art can be a party activity or just a fun way for a family to spend some time together creating one of a kind art. Put the finished project in a mat or a frame and see how it transforms any room.

  • Cheap salad spinner (I purchased mine for under $3.00 at the grocery store)
  • Acrylic Paint – in various colors
  • Paper – construction works great!
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper, cheap plastic tablecloth, etc
  • optional: disposable pan or disposable plastic lid
  1. Cover your work area. This is a good activity for indoors or outdoors.
  2. Take out your middle basket piece, place it on your paper and trace around it.
  3. Cut out your circle pieces of paper. These will fit in the spinner. I like to stack several pieces of construction paper together when cutting so I get several circles of paper ready to go! I also cut just on the inside of the line I traced just to make sure I have a good fit.
  4. Place your paper in the middle basket piece and place that back into the salad spinner.
  5. Grab your bottles of paint and let your little ones squirt the colors on the paper in any pattern – or no pattern at all!
  6. When they’ve put on all the colors they wanted, replace the lid on top and start spinning!
  7. optional: you can place our salad spinner in a disposable tin dish or disposable plastic lid as I have used here. When you start to spin the paint will eventually build up on the inside and start to drip out the bottom of the salad spinner. I like to place my spinner in a pan/tray/lid to catch the mess later. Then I just keep it and re-use it for more spinning projects.
  8. Lift off the lid and take the first look at your newest masterpiece!
  9. You can now add a few more drops of paint and spin again if necessary. To remove your art I simply tilt the middle basket piece to the side and shake gently. The paper will scoot out and be easy to grab. Or you can just simply reach it and grab it! Place somewhere flat to dry and spin another!
  10. These are great for entertaining your kids this summer, for parties or get togethers! You could even make some patriotic ones this upcoming 4th of July! Enjoy spinning and creating with your kids, grandkids, family and neighbors!



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