Stuffed Fish Craft

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If the kids are making a basket of blessings for Rosh HaShana, show them how to make this Stuffed Fish Craft to add to their apple and honey crafts. They can use this same concept to make other simple shapes like hearts and apples and anything they think of.


Metallic silver cardstock/paper
Colored cardstock
Newspaper or plastic bags for stuffing
Permanent marker (for writing on shiny cardstock)
Ribbon or yarn to make loop for hanging


Fold paper in half, and working on the back side of the paper, draw a fish shape that you like.

Cut out the fish, cutting through two layers of paper, resulting in two fish.

Working on the metallic side, write the message on one fish, and draw fish details on the other fish

Make a sandwich with the fish and staple roughly 2/3 of the way around the perimeter.

If you’d like the option of making this into a succah decoration, or so that it can be hung, include a loop of ribbon sticking out from the top

Stuff fish with tiny balls of newspaper or plastic bags, and then close opening.

Give to family, friends and neighbors, and make them smile!


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