Roundup of Preschool Clothing Crafts

Kids today get interested in what they are wearing at an early age. Our Roundup of Preschool Clothing Crafts lets them explore different clothing options no matter what is in their wardrobe. Have them invite their friends over for a fun afternoon exploring the Roundup of Preschool Clothing Crafts together. Check out a website called Live Youth Strong that has a blueprint for individuals or groups geared to different ages working together or independently as they explore clothing choices and many other topics.

Youth Strong has a program to help kids and their friends to explore new things. Your little ones can earn a Clothes Helper Patch that they can proudly display on a tote or hat. Getting involved in the program can be a one time activity or a longer commitment to a cause that you and your family or organization feel dedicated to.

Paper Dolls are a natural activity for young children. Free Kids Crafts has a number of great options under the Printable Paper Doll category, but be sure to check it out for even more ideas.  We’ll start with the Back to School Buddy Paper Dolls, then  check  out  the  Pajama  Buddies Paper  Dolls,  then  check  out  the  Swimsuit  Buddies. There are so many more. The Playtime series of paper dolls is a little more challenging for young hands to cut but it you are preparing the dolls and clothes for them, this Winter Playtime Paper Doll gives them another opportunity to explore dressing properly for the season.  In the winter young people need to realize how important it is to keep their hands warm with mittens or gloves and this Handprint Mitten Decoration is just the craft to help with that.

  Printable paper dolls for young children



Handprint Mitten Decoration

Cross Tot Community College has this Summer Worksheet for children where they color and learn to select the proper clothing to wear in the summer.


The idea for this Winter Clothes Mobile comes from Preschool Activities.


Directions for this Magnetic Dress Up Tray are presented on Crafts by Amanda in both video and printed format.




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