6 Healthy Food Crafts and Activities for Preschool Children

Several Crafts and Activities For Preschool Children

Preschoolers are notorious for their limited diet. Teaching about healthy food choices should start early so that they are encouraged to experiment with new food choices. Here are 6 Healthy Food Crafts and Activities that you will enjoy sharing with preschool children. They are fun and will help reinforce  healthy eating choices. Check out a website called Live Youth Strong that has a blueprint for individuals or groups geared to different ages working together or independently as they explore healthy food choices and many other topics.

Youth Strong has a program to help kids and their friends to explore new things. Your little ones can earn a Healthy Food Patch that they can proudly display on a tote or hat.  Getting involved in the program can be a one time activity or a longer commitment to a cause that you and your family or organization feel dedicated to.

Do a craft or activity to help reinforce learning about healthy food choices.


This Cut and Paste Healthy Food Craft from Free Kids Crafts will provide a visual reinforcement for some of the healthy food choices that young children should sample as they expand their dietary choices. Curiosity is a natural part of every preschoolers makeup but new foods sometimes need that extra nudge that this activity may inspire.

Easy healthy food craft for preschooers

Healthy Treats To Eat is a maze printable from Scholastic Parents that is strewn with a variety of healthy options to nibble on instead of candy and chips. Children learn the names of fruits and vegetables as they follow the maze to a healthy end.

Crayola designed this coloring page to help young children identify some of the healthy foods that may be included in salads. Coloring the foods and then cutting and pasting them into their own salad bowl may make them curious to learn what goes into their salad at home.


Veggie Bugs are a wonderful way to encourage kids to try the hardest healthy foods to get children to explore…vegetables! This vegetable snail is only one of several different vegetable combinations and a fun idea for snack time.

3-D Paper Fruit may be above the ability of preschoolers to make, but could be a good teaching tool for parents and teachers to use while talking about healthy food options. This is a free printable from Mr. Printable that can be used over and over.

My Plate Fruits Learning Sheet is divided into the food groups necessary for good health and is available from Nourish Interactive. Kids will have fun selecting the fruit they want to add to their plate at mealtime.




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