Pony Bead USA Pin Craft

Red white and blue pony beads make a great pin to show your pride

Make and wear this Pony Bead USA Pin to show your support for our Olympians. If you are Canadian, change it to red and white beads and make it a little longer for Canada as you cheer for your athletes.


The Olympic pin tradition began with small cardboard badges worn by athletes and officials at the first modern Olympics in 1896; trading these emblems was an early gesture of goodwill between competing nationalities.  Source: Collectables Weekly – Olympic Pins and Medals

  • Safety Pins
  • Pony Beads: red, white and blue for the USA pin.
  • Letter Beads
  • 18″ Satin Cord
  1. Cut satin cord into 18″ lengths. Fold in half and half hitch to a safety pin by placing the folded end down through the pin and drawing the cord ends down through the folded end loop. Diagram  shows how a key ring will look with cord half hitched to it.
  2. String the top bead onto both cords and push up to the safety pin. Lace the first row of three beads onto one cord. Lace the other cord through the same beads in reverse order. Pull both cords snugly. Continue with the next row of three beads until you have laced the five rows.
  3. String the bottom bead onto both cords and push up to the last row. Tie off. Trim cords.




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