Playtime Mermaid Paper Doll

Kids will have lots of fun making up stories with their Playtime Mermaid Paper Doll.  They can create their own fairy tale around their mermaid and have fun enacting it with all their Playtime paper dolls. We supplied these paper dolls in both black and white and colored versions.


Mermaids are natural beings with a body that is part human and part fish. Their upper body is human, while their lower body is the tail of a fish. They are found in old fables of folklore all over the world and still prove to be as magical and mysterious today as they once were a long time ago. Source: Mama Teaches – Fun Facts About Mermaids

  1. Select your favorite paper doll body and hair and hair. We suggest using card stock for the bodies because it will hold up longer. The hair and the rest of the costume are fine in regular white paper.
  2. If you are using the black and white version, have the kids color them before cutting them out. There is less chance of them tearing.
  3. Once you have everything cut out, glue the hair and costume on your Playtime Paper Doll body and let the fun begin.
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  1. Burke says:

    You REALLY need to credit the original source

    • Betty Bose says: is a sister company of FreeKidsCrafts and is owned by the same partners. We have been given the right to publish their paper dolls on the Free Kids Crafts site. Thank you for looking out for our copyrights.

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