Playtime Astronaut Paper Doll

Easy Astronaut Paper Doll for young children

Make space exciting to both boys and girls with this Playtime Astronaut Paper Doll. As they learn about the universe and the mysteries involved with outer space have them make this Playtime Astronaut Paper Doll and turn their imaginations loose.


Did you know astronauts grow up to two inches taller after they have been in space? Source: Our Universe for Kids – Fun Facts About Astronauts 

  1. Select and print out your own special Playtime Paper Doll Body.
  2. Print and cut out the astronaut costume and the flag that you want to use. If your flag isn’t there, make your own.
  3. Paste your costume on your own special Playtime body and call your friends to come over and share their imaginary adventures to other planets.
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