Paper Plate Frog Puppet

Frog Hand Puppet made from plastic or paper plates

The Paper Plate Frog created by the Free Kids Craft Team is a fantastic puppet that will offer endless hours of entertainment even after the crafting is done.


There is evidence that frogs have roamed the Earth for more than 200 million years, at least as long as the dinosaurs.While the life spans of frogs in the wild are unknown, frogs in captivity have been known to live more than 20 years. Source: American Museum of Natural History – Frog Fun Facts

  • Green Paper or Plastic Plate
  • Red Construction Paper
  • Large Wiggle Eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  1. Fold the paper plate in half.
  2. Cut a tongue out of red construction paper. Glue to the inside of the folded plate.
  3. Glue wiggle eyes to the outside of the plate.

Get ready for a fun filled time of conversations and plays with your new puppet friend.



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