Mother’s Day Teapot Card

Mother's Day Card with tea bag attached.

Tell Mom how much you love her with this easy printable Mother’s Day Teapot Card. This special card along with a box of her favorite tea is the perfect way to start her day. Let her stay in her jammies with her feet up and her favorite cup of tea and some peace and quiet and you will be her favorite child.


Did you know that in India, people celebrate Durga-puja, a festival that celebrates the mother goddess, Durga. The festival lasts for ten days and takes place around September or October. Source: Town and Country Magazine – 19 Mother’s Day Facts To Share With Your Mom

  • White Card Stock
  • School Scissors
  • Tea Bag
  • Crayons, Pencils or Markers (optional)
  1. Select and print the black and white or color printable for your card. If you are choosing the black and white version, color it first in your Mom’s favorite color before going to the next step.
  2. Carefully cut a slit from the top edge down around to the “lid” of the teapot cutting into it about an inch. Slide a tea bag into position and give to Mom with a big hug to make her day perfect.

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  1. iyona says:

    very usefull got an a+ on it

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