Hands That Help Craft

Mother's Day gift for kids to make

Have the kids make a tree, a bouquet or a potted plant of Hands That Help that can be redeemed for help around the house and yard. This project has promises of deeds that are good for both Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or any special person.


The Swedish rejoice Mother’s Day on the last Sunday of May.Many children sell small plastic flowers as gifts to mark this special occasion.The money raised is used to send mothers with young children on a small trip! Source: Pollen Nation by Serenata – 7 of the Weirdest Mother’s Day Traditions around the World

  • 2 Shades of Pink and/or Green Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tacky Glue
  • Straws or a Stick (optional)
  • Plastic Flower Pot (optional)
  • Styrofoam or Flour/Salt Dough
  1. Trace around child’s hand  on colored paper and cut out 6 to make this project. Use green for a tree or a potted plant, pink for a bouquet.
  2. For bouquet also make 6 leaves on green card stock. Print and cut out chores. Have child select 6 of these and glue them on the helping hands.
  3. Glue hands to straws or tree branch. Add leaves.
  4. Place Styrofoam or dough in flower pot. Poke in straw stems of flowers to create your bouquet of promises for Mom.
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  1. putu06ra says:

    great idea for preschool students, thank you

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