Moon Craft

Painting a moon craft

Renewed interest in space inspired our  staff to come up with this easy moon craft that kids of all ages can enjoy. This craft makes them aware of the different phases of the moon and their names so next time they look at the night sky they will know what phase they are seeing. It doesn’t matter the age, it is always good to stimulate conversation about our universe.


The surface of the Moon is covered in huge craters – created from the impacts of comets and asteroids that have collided with the surface over time. Source: – The Moon Facts For Kids

  • Printable Pattern
  • 4 Sheets Black Construction Paper or Card Stock
  • White and Black Paint
  • Paper Towel (crumpled)
  • Skewer or Toothpick (Q-Tip for younger children)
  • Disposable Paper Plate
  • Glue Stick
  • Newspapers
  1. Cover work surface with newspaper.
  2. Print out enough patterns for each child
  3. Cut out the patterns for the various phases of the moon. Have them make note of the name of each phase.
  4. In your plate mix the black and white paint to create a grey or use a grey paint.
  5. Crumple the paper towel and dab paint on each phase pattern. It is better not to use too much paint so you can see what looks like craters. ( see photo above) Let dry.
  6. Mount the finished moons on separate pieces of paper.
  7. Use skewer dipped in white paint to represent stars.
  8. You might want to label each picture with the name of the moon phase pictured.

Editors Note: Older students might like the challenge of adding constellations to their projects.

Patterns, Templates and Printables

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