Handprint Autumn Tree

Fall tree made from a child's handprint and provided pattern

Fall is a pretty time of the year. This Handprint Autumn Tree will brighten your bulletin boards and refrigerators for rest of the season. Get the kids involved making a whole forest full of these beautiful trees.


The autumnal equinox describes the point in time when the sun is situated exactly above the equator and the day and night for that period are exactly the same length. Source: Macmillan Dictionary Blog -What is Autumnal?

  • White heavy weight paper
  • Brown heavy weight paper
  • Foliage pattern
  1. Print out the foliage pattern for each child. Cut out.
  2.  Take the heavy weight brown paper and draw around each child’s hand past the wrist.
  3.  Cut out.
  4.  Glue the hand to the foliage and you have a beautiful tree.
Patterns, Templates and Printables

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