Funky Hair Tie Craft

This craft was submitted by  Maiya  Merrick a  recreational therapist for adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders. Girls of all ages are sure to love this funky hair tie that can be made into any color combination they choose. It can also be made in school colors or colors to support your country’s Olympic team or even one to match each outfit you own. Start the trend!


In Ancient Egypt, hair was commonly worn short by men and women due to the extreme heat of the region. However, for ceremonial occasions, nobles, both male and female, wore heavy black wigs over their clipped hairdos. Source: Bellatory-The Long and Short of It: History of Hair

  • Simple Round Hair Tie
  • Yarn cut into 3-4 inch strands, colors of your choosing
  1. Take the first piece of yarn and tie onto the hair tie.  Make a double knot
  2. Repeat with multiple pieces of yarn. As you progress, keep the tied yarn together as pieces can get in the way.
  3. When you think you have enough pieces, it is ready to wear!



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