Daisy Scout Necklace Craft

Necklace made with beads from the Daisy petal colors

Jen is a Scout leader of Troop 25033 and submitted this Daisy necklace her Daisy troop made. The troop is part of the Girl Scouts of South and Central New Jersey. They have 8 first grade girls in the troop and love doing crafts of course!


Colored petal badges are earned as the girls participate in activities that explore the basic principles and values of Girl Scouting, as described in the Girl Scout Promise and Girl Scout Laws. Source: Girl Scouts – Daisy Girl Scouts

  • Beads: Scout Law Colors 4 each of light blue, yellow, light green, red, orange, purple, magenta, green, rose, violet
  • Shrink Film
  • 25 ” Stretchy Cord
  • Markers
  • Hole Punch
  1. Cut a 2″ circle of the Shrinky Dink for the Daisy Charm. Cut a hole with a hole punch to attach after shrinking.
  2. Draw on the Daisy with markers.
  3. Shrink according to instructions.
  4. Thread the two loose ends of the elastic cord through the hole in the pendant and pull partway through to create a loop.  Then thread the loose ends through the loop, and add beads.  This will make the charm hang straight.
  5. Wear your Daisy Scout Necklace with pride.



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