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Recycled Piggy Bank

Our latest contest winner is a Daisy Troop 1456 in Deltona Florida who are working on a recycling project. What a great idea to reuse items that would otherwise end up in the landfill. Congratulations girls beautiful job.


Sunny Delight single bottles,I used these because  the plastic was easier to cut then a milk contain.
A Can of Fusion Paint ( special for painting plastic)
Four small corks ( use for a bottle topper)
Moveable eyes
Foam shapes :  We used flowers, that had glue on them already. You could use stickers etc.
Pink pipe cleaner for the tail
Large Button for the nose.
Glue gun
Pink square of felt


1.  Wash Sunny Delight bottles out with hot soapy water and allow to air dry.

2.  Cut small slices in the top of your bottle for your money to fit into it, I used small cuticle scissors. (Adult assistance may be necessary)

3.  Hot glue four corks to the bottom of your bottle (adult needs to do this)

4.  Remove the lids, and use Fusion paint to spray paint the outside of the  bottles, we painted the lids as well.

5.  Let the bottle and lid dry overnight.

6.  While your bottle is laying on it's side, hot glue the eyes ( same side a your opening for money, but down by the neck of the bottle.

7.   Cut two small triangles out of the felt, fold the long ends onto themselves to make the pigs ears.  Glue them near the eyes.

8.   Then let the kids decorate the bottle with foams or stickers etc.

9.  Glue large button onto the lid, screw the lid onto bottle.

10. Poke a small hole into the bottom of the bottle for the pig's tail

11.  Cut 2 -3 inch Pipe cleaner  use a pencil or finger to curl it twice.  Then apply hot glue to the pipe cleaner and put into  the hole.
Only problem that I had was putting the large button on the lid, when lid was screwed onto bottle, the bottle tipped over.  So my girls put a nice size stone in the bottle to help weight it down.  OR  I would Use a small button the next time.

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