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Patriotic Wreath

Show your colors with this beautiful wreath and leave it up for the Fourth of July.


Americana Acrylics
DAO36 - True Blue
DA129 - True Red
DA239 - Warm White
Americana Writers
DAW01 - White
Dazzling Metallics
DA263 - Splendid Gold --- NEW!!
3-1/3 yard each of 7 coordinating prints of red/white/blue ribbon (We used widths between 1/4" and 1".)
Ten unfinished wood stars: three 3-1/2"; five 3"; and two 2-1/2"
Ten multi-grooved (1/4" x 1-1/2") wood dowel pins
1/4" and 1/2" flat brushes
3/8" round foam pouncer brush
2-1/2 yards of gold metallic wired cord
Low-temp glue gun


Note: Allow paint to dry between applications. A hair dryer on low setting, at least 10" away from surface, can be used to speed drying process of brushed-on paint.


Paint large stars True Blue.

Paint medium stars Splendid Gold.

Paint small stars Warm White.

Paint dowel pins True Red.

Cut ten 1" sections of gold wired cord. Glue each piece to one end of each dowel pin; bend wire back and fray end of cord to make firecrackers with sparks.

Cut each type of ribbon into 12" lengths.

Place all ribbon prints in repeating order and tie each ribbon lengths around wreath at outside center. Trim ends as needed when all are attached.

Refer to photo for placement and glue stars and firecrackers to top of wreath.

Wrap remaining gold cord around wreath and glue ends in place.

You might want to decorate your table with  USA Garland too.

This craft reprinted courtesy of DecoArt.com.

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