Firefighter Appreciation Craft

Colorful patriotic labels to put on buckets of snacks for fireffighters

Your local Firehouse will appreciate receiving the finished gift from this Firefighter Appreciation Craft. These individual snack treats are great for kids to make and give. Firefighters, whether volunteer or paid, put their lives at risk for their community every day and it is important that we let them know we appreciate what they do. In addition to putting out house and business fires, firefighters perform rescues, go to forest fires and automobile crashes to stop the potential spread of a fire. This can be done any day, but Labor Day is a perfect occasion to remember our firefighters.


As long as a fire has the following three things: heat, oxygen, and fuel it can go on burning indefinitely. Source: Explain That Stuff – Firefighting

  • White Paper or Label Paper
  • Color Printer
  • Scissors
  • Glue (or label paper)
  • Container
  • Individual Size Snacks
  • Decorative Paper or Gift Wrap
  • Hemp or ribbon (optional)
  1. Click on the template below and print out enough labels for your firefighter gift buckets
  2. Wrap your container and tape together
  3. Cut the labels out and glue to the buckets. If you have label paper, peel the backs and stick them on.
  4. Fill with candy, individual snacks and cookies
  5. Add some hemp or ribbon to decorate your bucket to make it special.

The containers are individually sized so each child can be involved in making their own. Have the kids deliver the snacks to their local firehouse and tell the firefighters how much they admire what they do.

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