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Paper Plate Turtle

Here’s another FreeKidsCrafts.com original craft! Make a friendly turtle to decorate your walls and bulletin board. This is an encore craft where we bring you the best crafts from previous years.

Books you might like to read with this craft:

Foolish Tortoise by Richard Buckley 

The Hare and the Tortoise  by Aesop

The Turtle and the Moon by Charles Turner 

Other Turtle crafts to make reading even more fun: 

Easy Paper Strip Turtle 


Green Paper Plate (Make sure it is green on the bottom too)

Light Green Craft Foam or Card Stock


Wiggle Eyes




To make this project easier, take a look through your panty for round and oval containers in various sizes to trace around. All different sizes can work. Cut out four ovals for feet and a larger oval for head. Turn the plate upside down and glue the ovals to the bottom positioning them as shown in the photo. Cut out a small triangle for a tail. Glue in place. Cut out a bunch of small circles. glue to the the top of the plate. Glue on wiggle eyes.

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“Paper Plate Turtle”

  1. Made this today with my 5 year old – big hit!

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