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Paper Plate Bumble Bee

Buzz around with this original Paper Plate Bumblebee craft  from the FreeKidsCrafts team. The kids will have a whole swarm of fun.


Yellow Paper or Plastic Plate

Black Paper or Plastic Plate

Black Electrical Tape

Black Pipe Cleaner

Black Permanent Marker




Make stripes out of black electrical tape on the back of the yellow plate. Cut black plate in half. Glue behind the yellow plate to make wings. Cut pipe cleaner in half. Fold both pieces in half. Form one piece into antennae. The other into a stinger. Glue in place. Draw on a face with permanent marker.

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Image of Paper Plate Bumble Bee


Image of The FreeKidsCrafts Team
The FreeKidsCrafts Team

These projects are created by Terri, Betty, Jamie or one of the talented staff members at MakingFriends.com. They have been created exclusively for publication on FreeKidsCrafts.com with supplies you'll be able to find around your house.

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