Make A Wish Dandelion Craft

Easy Dandelion Wishing Craft

This Make A Wish Dandelion Craft is the perfect project for this time of year when those yellow dandelions are turning to fluffy white seeds. You did know they were magical didn’t you? Now when some of us have been separated from those we love for so long, maybe your wish will come true!


The Dandelion is showing great promise as a source of natural rubber and latex. It also seems to be far more hypoallergenic. Source: Our Herb Garden – Dandelion History

  • White Card Stock or Heavy Paper
  • Color Printer
  • Glue Stick
  • White Headed Dandelion
  1. Print out the printable.
  2. Write a wish on your card.
  3. Cover the remaining white area with your glue stick and blow the dandelion onto the glue
  4. .Post your finished project on your bulletin board or fridge.
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