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Origami Kitty

Make this friendly little Origami Kitty designed by the FreeKidsCrafts Team and add your own markings to make it your own.


Two sheets of square paper

Markers (optional)


Fold and crese paper diagonally in both directions. Open up. Fold top oit down to first crease. Fold bottom point up toward the back about one quarter of the way to the middle.Crease

Fold in half. Crease

Fold the left point to the middle. Crease.

Fold the right point to the middle. Crease.

Diagramshows how model will look at this stage.

Fold both bottom tips up at a slight angle to form ears. Crease well.

Fold top corner point down. Crease well

Turn over. Fold tip of middle point down to form nose.

Draw on eyes or add wiggle eyes.

Fold second piece in half diagonally. Open up. fold both side corners to middle crease.

Fold in half.

Fold bottom corner up. Crease well.

Diagram shows how model will look at this stage.

Turn. Open up head and glue inside.

If you would like, take a marker and create special markings for your own personal kitty.

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Image of Origami Kitty


Image of The FreeKidsCrafts Team
The FreeKidsCrafts Team

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