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New Year’s Eve Ball

New Year’s Eve brings the old year to an end and opens up a whole new year for fun kid’s crafts. Make your own Crystal Ball with Bubble Wrap printing and start the new year right.


Bubble Wrap

Black Construction Paper


Silver Glitter

Tacky Glue

White Paint

Color Printer

Paper Plate



Cut a large circle of bubble wrap.

Spread newspaper to protect your surface from stray paint.

Place bubble wrap face down in white paint. Then press on black construction paper. Let dry.

Using large round can or small plate, draw circle in painted area. Cut out.

Put small dab of tacky glue in the center of each bubble print. Holding bubble print over waste basket sprinkle lightly with silver glitter.

Click on Printables and print out Happy New Year. Cut out and glue to black construction paper.  Then glue on glitter ball beneath greeting.

Get ready to watch the clock and celebrate the new year.

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