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Mini Pumpkin Black Cat

Halloween is almost here and the kids are getting excited about decorating pumpkins. Terri P of MakingFriends.com created this Black Cat with a mini pumpkin. No sharp knives needed.


Mini Pumpkin

Small Styrofoam Ball

Black Acrylic Paint


Black Pipe Cleaners

Black,White and Pink Foam Scraps

Grosgrain Ribbon


Begin by painting your pumpkin and styrofoam ball black and let dry.

Cut a portion of one pipe cleaner to stick into the styrofoam ball and the other end into the pumpkin.

Insert another pipe cleaner for the tail, cut to the desired length and curl.

Cut scraps of foam for the eyes, mouth and ears and glue to the styrofoam ball using the picture as a reference. Don't be afraid to be creative.

Cut pipe cleaner into short lengths for the whiskers and insert into styrofoam ball.

Wrap ribbon around the area where the pumpkin and styrofoam ball connect and tie in a bow. 

You are all set to have a howling good time for Halloween.

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Image of Mini Pumpkin Black Cat


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