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Make A Friendship Knot

The first Sunday in August is Friendship Day so why not Make A Friendship Knot for each of your friends and present it to them to wear and remember you are their good friend. This is a great idea for scout troops, camps and other organizations as well as individual kids who want to recognize their friends.

Trivia: National Friendship Day was first proclaimed in 1935 by the United States Congress. Henceforth, it is annually celebrated on the first Sunday of every August as a holiday dedicated in honor of friendship.


Large SWAP Tags 10 Yards of Flat Cord (Use 2 different colors) Tacky Glue or Low Temp Glue Gun Safety Pin Scissors Fine Point Marker


Cut cord into 5" lengths. Make friendship knot following the diagrams below.

On one side of your tag, write you first name, troop, city and state.

On the other side, glue on a friendship knot. Write a message next to it. -

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