I Spy Activity Worksheet

Printable I Spy Activity Worksheet

Remember the old favorite I Spy game that we used to play as children, especially on long drives? This updated printable I Spy Activity Worksheet brings the game to life again as parents look for more and more ways to beat the daily boredom that sets in with limited options for children to explore and become invested in their daily activities.


The first known mention of ‘I spy, with my little eye’ in print is in The Manchester Times, January 1889, which gives an explanation of the rules. Source Phrases.org.uk – I spy with my little eye- meaning.

  • White Paper
  • Printer
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Clipboard (optional)
  1. Print out enough worksheets so that each child has one.
  2. Have the child match items in the picture to the items illustrated below and put their tally in the box provided.

The rest of the rules are up to you. Do you want a time limit? A prize? The most important thing is for the children to have fun while also learning to be more aware of what they see.

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