Wooden Spoon Puppets

Puppets made from wooden spoons.

Fun Wooden Spoon Puppets made with inexpensive supplies from the Dollar Store. The kids can create a wide variety of puppets with simple supplies. You just have to think outside the box.


Spoons  have been used as eating utensils since Paleolithic times. It is most likely that prehistoric peoples used shells or chips of wood as spoons.

  • Wooden Spoons (dollar store buy)
  • Fancy Shoelaces (dollar store buy)
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Scraps of felt, lace etc.
  • Hot Glue Gun (adult assistance)
  • Small Wiggle Eyes
  • Black Marker, fine line
  • Yarn
  1. Puppets can be left natural or painted different skin tones.
  2.  When dry wrap handle with facy shoelaces or pipe cleaners starting at the top adding dabs of hot glue as you wrap to hold in place.
  3.  Add small collars from felt or lace depending on your puppet. In one instance we used pipe cleaners to make the collar. Use the picture for reference or create your own original character.
  4.  Glue on wiggle eyes.
  5.  Draw on facial features
  6. Create hair from yarn, furry fabrics or in one case we used pipe cleaners wrapped around a skewer to create the kinks.

Once finished, kids can enjoy hours of imaginative playtime fun with their puppet creations.



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