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Craft Stick Iguana

Even boys will enjoy making this Craft Stick Iguana. Craft sticks are versatile and sturdy and make great craft materials that will last a long time after the project is completed.

From Mary Ayres book Craft Stick Animals. Permission granted by Grace Publications, November 2001. This Pattern May Not Be Sold! 


5 Craft Sticks (body & tail)
3 Mini Craft Sticks (legs and support stick)
1 Large Oval Woodsies (head)
1 Medium Oval Woodsies (back leg)
1 Large Teardrop Woodsies (sack under head)
12 Small Teardrop Woodsies
7mm Wiggle Eye
Green, Pink and White Acrylic Paint
Black Point Permanent Markers
Tacky Glue


Paint all pieces green except the circle. Paint the circle pink. Let dry.

Lay out four craft sticks for the iguana's body as shown in diagram of the back at right. Glue a mini craft stick on top for support and a regular craft stick across the bottom for a tail. Glue on tear drops for scales and a mini craft stick and tear drop for one leg and foot. Let dry.

Turn over. Glue on pieces for head, sack, other front leg and foot, back leg and foot and eye. Refer to photo at top. Glue on wiggle eye. Paint white dot on cheek. Use black tip marker to add outline details.

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Image of Craft Stick Iguana


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