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Cocktail Napkin Package Decoration

These decorations look beautiful and are so easy to make. You can make use of those odds and ends of leftover cocktail napkins.


Small cocktail napkins in three color coordinated colors


Paper Clip


The small decoration is the easiest for younger crafters. The larger flower is more suited to the more experienced teen crafter.

For the small decoration:

Cut 3 color coordinated cocktail napkins into quarters along the fold lines so that you have a square. It helps to have one napkin with a design for contrast.

Lay one layer of each color on top of each other. Accordian fold the napkins and fasten in the middle with a paper clip.

Cut each end of the folded napkins into a deep curve.

Working one side at a time, pull each layer of the napkins up starting with the top layer.

That's all there is to it.

To make the Larger Decoration use the full napkin and an oversized paper clip. Follow the same instructions. This is more difficult because it is hard to cut through all the layers at once. You may need to cut a few at a time. Don't worry about the edges being a little jagged. It just makes the petals look more flower like.

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