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Beaded Kerchief

Jazz up a simple kerchief and make it a very special fashion accessory. We beaded our kerchief with seed beads. You can also use e-beads or even pony beads to make the job easier and faster.


Approximately 12 grams of seed beads
Beading Needle and Thread
Fabric Marking Pen


On the wrong side of the kerchief, mark every 3/8" near the two edges you will be beading. String needle and knot thread. Begin beading in one corner of the kerchief. Work on the wrong side, near the edge, using your markings as a guide. At the first mark, string 12 beads, loop around the last bead and bring the needle back through the other 11 beads. Take a small stitch through the kerchief to anchor beads. Tie a knot and take a small stitch at your next mark. String 12 beads and continue in this manner until you have done both edges of the kerchief.

This craft reprinted courtesy of MakingFriends.com.

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