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Beaded Doll Crown

This craft will delight young doll owners but will need help from an adult to create. Teenagers can create this for their young baby sitting charges as a special treat.


27 Purple Pony Beads
6 Gold Pony Beads
3 Blue Pony Beads
1 Heart Pony Bead
1 Yard of Cord
1 Gold Pipe Cleaner
Craft Glue


Click on Printables for a beading diagram to help you with this project.

Stiffen ends of cord with white glue. Let dry.

String a blue pony bead to the middle of your cord.

String both ends down through a heart pony bead.

Slide gold beads 2 and 3 on the left hand cord.

String the right hand cord through beads 2 and 3 in the opposite direction. Pull snug.

String purple beads 4,5 and 6 on the left hand cord.

String the right hand cord through beads 4,5 and 6 in the opposite direction. Pull snug.

String beads 7-12 on the right hand cord. Wrap around bead 12 then string back through beads 10 then 11. Wrap around then string through beads 7, 8 and name. Pull snug easing out any slack in the cord.

Bead 7 should sit against bead 6. Repeat with the the left hand cord and another set of beads.

String 9 beads on each cord.

Push a gold pipe cleaner through the bottom row of beads to the middle of the pipe cleaner. Twist ends together. Trim.

Tie cords with a double knot. Add a dab of white glue. Let dry trim.

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