Supermarket Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt to be played at the supermarket

This Supermarket Scavenger Hunt is the perfect way to keep the kids occupied if you have to take them with you when you grocery shop. You can make them stay with you but keep their attention riveted to the items around them to be sure they don’t miss an opportunity to scratch something off their list. Remember to be considerate of other shoppers and employees and don’t let them run wildly around the store.


It has been determined that the first true supermarket in the United States known as King Kullen, was opened by a former Kroger employee, Michael J. Cullen, on 4 August 1930, inside a 6,000-square-foot former garage in Jamaica, Queens in New York City.  Source: Wikipedia – Supermarket

  • Color Printer
  • White Paper
  • Pen, Pencil or Marker
  1. Print enough copies for everyone involved. This game can be played by one or more.
  2. Have the kids scan the shelves carefully when you go to the supermarket so they can scratch off as many items as possible. Make sure they stay with you as the employees and other customers will not appreciate having them run wildly around the store.
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