Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

Printable nature scavenger hunt worksheet

Taking a walk with the kids in the summer is even more fun when they have their eyes peeled for all the items on their Summer Nature Scavenger Hunt sheet. This activity makes them more aware of all the things going on around them that they might otherwise miss. This is just one of our printable adventures that you will find in the Printable category. You might also like to create your own unique scavenger hunt by playing Rock Hide and Seek.


Scavenger hunts can help exercise the mind and the body. The hunt itself often requires problem solving skills and may include opportunities to get kids moving and running from place to place.

  • White Paper
  • Color Printer
  • Pencil or Marker

Print out a sheet for each child and give them a marker or crayon to check off the items as they find them. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions because observing minds always want to know more.


Click on the picture below to open it in a new window to print

Printable page showing things we find in nature in the summer.



2 thoughts on “Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt Worksheet”

  1. Kristin White says:

    I would love to borrow your activity for my collection of projects I compiled for my students to engage in during this quarantine to keep them occupied. I would give you credit for your idea, of course. It would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank You,
    Kristin White, MOT, OTR/L

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