Preschool Car Dot Art Activity

Easy Preschool Dot Art Car Activity

Talking about car safety to preschoolers is easier when they have a project to reinforce the lessons they have learned. This15 Preschool Dot Art Car Activity is something that falls within their capabilities and at the same time gives them a take home project that they will share with their family with pride as they relate their car safety lessons.


Seat Belts became mandatory in 1968 and it is estimated that 15,000 lives are saved each year in the United States by people wearing seat belts during an accident. Source: the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

  • Printed Pattern
  • Dot Art Markers, Red, Yellow and Green*
  1. Print out the pattern below. Make sure there is one for each child.
  2. Distribute the bingo markers, explaining that red means stop or danger, yellow means caution and green means go. Two children can easily share a set of three
  3. As you go through the importance of obeying traffic signals make sure the children put the correct colors in the traffic light. Encourage them to look for traffic lights next time they are in a car and explain to the driver what each color means.

*Editor’s Note: If you don’t have Dot Art Markers, you can use something else like thumbprints, or small sponges and paint.

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