Back to School Crayon Coloring and Activity Page

Back to School Crayon Coloring Page and Activity

Going Back to School or starting for the first time can be exciting and our Back to School Crayon Coloring and Activity Page helps in many ways. This project can promote anticipation for opening day and also serve as a teaching tool in the classroom. It can be used to teach responsibility for supplies as well as an aid in teaching ELS and colors.


Did you know there are more than 100 Crayola crayon colors? Source: Good Housekeeping – 10 Fun Facts About Crayons to Delight Your Kids With

  • White Paper or Card Stock
  • Crayons, Markers or Colored Pencils
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  1. Print out enough sets for each child to have their own coloring project.
  2. Have the children color their crayons in accordance with the names on the crayons. If they don’t know their colors yet or can’t read the names they may need a little help.
  3. Using the picture as a reference, fold the page up on the dotted line and glue along the outside edges to form a pocket representing their crayon box.
  4. After the children have colored their crayons, have them cut them out and put them in the box, with a story about how important it is to put their school supplies away each time after they have used them.

Patterns, Templates and Printables

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