Pony Bead Cross Necklace Craft

Make this Pony Bead Cross Necklace to wear yourself or give to a friend. It is a special craft for the Easter season that can be worn all year long to proclaim your faith.


Explorers such as Lewis and Clark brought European glass beads such as these to North America. The beads got their name when they were delivered by the Pony Express. Native American women used glass pony beads, along with seed and crow beads, on fringes on leather clothing and moccasins. Source: Home Questions Answered – What Are Pony Beads?

  • 10 Ivory Pony Beads
  • 20 Lavender Pony Beads
  • 1 Lanyard Hook
  • 1 Yard Satin Cord
  1. Fold your ribbon in half to find the center. Use a half hitch to secure it to lanyard hook.
  2. Lace beads using pattern below as a guide.
  3. Finish by tying off with a double knot.

Editor’s note: A little dab of tacky glue on the knot will keep it tied.

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