Kindness Eggs Craft

Plastic Easter Eggs filled with Printable Inspirational messages.

Finding Easter eggs is always fun and these Kindness Eggs have a special surprise when opened. The eggs are filled with messages to inspire kids to feel good about themselves along with a small candy treat. It is a simple project that a teacher can make for her desk and invite her students to come up and select one to put a smile on the face of every child as they read their own special message.

This might be a cute idea for a troop to take to a nursing home or the VA hospital, but be sure to check with the facility first to make sure it is allowed. You can use our printable messages or create your own.


It is believed the Easter bunny was introduced to America in the 1700s by German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania and brought their tradition of an egg-laying rabbit called “Osterhase” or “Oschter Haws.” Children made nests for the rabbit to lay its colored eggs. The custom spread across the U.S. and eventually baskets replaced the nests. Source: History – EASTER SYMBOLS AND TRADITIONS

  • Plastic Eggs
  • Printed Messages
  • Small Treats like Candy Kisses
  • Scissors
  • Large Bowl or Basket
  • White Paper
  • White Card Stock
  1. Print out the messages on white paper and cut apart. You may need to print more than one batch depending on how many children you have.
  2. Print out card on card stock and cut to size. Using the picture as a reference, fold to create a stand up easel.
  3. Fold messages and put inside eggs with a treat.
  4. Put eggs in bowl or basket and set the card in front inviting the children to take an egg and read their message.


Patterns, Templates and Printables

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